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One journal post a year.  Again.
In case anyone wonders, I mostly put things on tumblr -
Or on twitter @SarahWithTea

I try to keep up with all the various places to put things, but I'm not that good at it I'm afraid.
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What, averaging one per year isn't normal?  
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How did that happen.  Oh well...happy Spring.  If you're in the San Francisco area, check out this awesome fun:…

Group of great artists (and me) will have art on display and robots will mix you drinks.
No...really.  Robots will mix you drinks!
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West coast folks - I'll be in the art exhibit at Seattle Steamcon IV in October.  The theme is monsters - should prove an excellent event!
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Happy Holidays everyone!
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I'll be selling art and jewelry at the Bazaar Bizarre Holiday Show, at the Concourse Exhibit Center in San Francisco, Dec 3-4!  Come by and say hi if you're in town :-)
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And then I ignore this thing again.  Which is totally unintentional its its hard to 'journal' in so many places and still have something useful to day!  
Gallery show hanging Sunday and Opening June 25th!  If you're in the Bay Area and want to come, google 'Blow Salon Berkeley' for directions :-)

But mostly this is a journal to say HEY I just noticed my Llama is a SUPERHERO now!  Thanks guys! :-)
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Hold me to it guys, this months :iconchildrensillustrator theme is "There was an old woman who lived in a shoe" and I WILL do an illustration for it.  Because I have a fantastic idea.  I have no time, but that's almost always the case.  And by golly finally a theme I voted for!

So you know, if you're bored, comment and ask me how the illustration is coming.  Don't let me whine and give excuses!  I'm gonna make 2011 a productive productive year!
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For a limited time, 2010 lino print Holiday cards are up in my Etsy shop!  If you send me a note here or on Etsy and ask about it, you can get 5 for $20, and save $1 per card :D

Otherwise, that's all for me until the New Year.  Sleep and gingerbread here I come!
Happy Holidays!
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I'll be selling cards and jewelry at:

SFCB's Holiday Fair, Dec 3-4, De Haro St. San Francisco

Its a small little fair, and I really enjoyed it last year.  Tightly pack with vendors, warm, cozy, with cookies and hot cocoa.

I've purchased myself a little hand press, so I might even have enough cards to sell some online - rather then just barely enough to sell at events and supply local shops. Assuming the press is actually easier then using a spoon for the pressure to print the blocks...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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I'm really not sure what happened to this summer.  Today is its last day!  Seriously how did that happen, I feel like maybe last March was just a few weeks ago.  I still don't reply to comments here as much as I'd like, but I have been trying to answer questions when folks ask.

Upcoming events!

APE - Alternative Press Expo, Oct 16-17, San Francisco CA:  I'll be vending with prints, cards, and jewelry!

Steamcon II, Weird Weird West Nov. 19-21, Seattle WA:  I'll be in the art show, but not vending.  Means I'll have time to putter around, which is always fun.

Working on planning a few vending things in December, and maybe some small trunk type shows in between, so more as that developes!
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I know that I have a tendency to drop stuff off here and flee.  I do try to response to the comments that seem like they need responses, but even if I don't reply - every time you fav something or comment you make me very very happy.  And also, thank you for the llama's.  I do not really understand what they are for, but now he has a cape and this makes me grin.

Also, there is a new online shop site starting as a project between Make Magazine and Boing Boing - two awesome places for creative folks.  
You can check out my Maker's Market shop here!
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Gallery opening June 5th - at Blow Salon in Berkeley, 8pm.  Free food and beer, come check it out!

Then I'm taking a freaking break.  Seriously.  I'm gonna draw.  Shocking I know. 3 months of summer in which I shall not have gallery shows, vend at events, or offer to help with projects other people are doing.  Vacation!
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And I'll be vending at Maker Fair, San Mateo May 22-23.
Outdoors, not in the bizarre bazaar, so if you come by look for places where steampunk contraptions are congregated and I shall be amongst them somewhere!

And I have finished a full personal illustration YET in 2010.  Which is, a little bit worrying actually.  In fact outside of work I've drawn shockingly little of anything at all.  There are more red coat girl pieces to be done, lots of fun ideas for faked 'pulp' novel covers, and more robot propaganda to do...sometime...when there is time.  But hey, I'm paying the rent!
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I'll be vending at:

The Steampunk Exhibition - Emeryville CA, March 12-14

This is apparently only 29 days away and I can't imagine how I'll be ready.  I have no free time these days.  Life is so exciting!  And..busy...mostly busy.
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Apparently I'm not quite averaging 1 journal every 2 months.  I'm gonna try and be more useful about it.

Come see me at the Edwardian Ball in San Francisco Jan. 22-23.  
This year they will have a vending area open for most of the day Saturday, which means a really long day for me, but lots of shopping time for you in the quiet and light instead of the dim and crowded.  
I'll be debuting some new jewelry designs for spring there :-)

You can also now purchase my cards at Twig and Fig, Berkeley CA and my jewelry at Sala, Berkeley CA!  

Annnnd finally, you can be my fan on facebook:…
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Oct and Nov didn't really have time for stopping and thinking.  It was a bit like running a marathon with something chasing you ;-)

Anyway, if you're int he San Francisco area, come by the SF Center for the Book Friday Dec 11 from 5:30 to 8:30 for a little Holiday art fair.  I'll be there hanging out and selling ornaments, cards and prints.

Its also more or less confirmed that I'll be vending at:

The Edwardian Ball, San Francisco, Jan 22-23
The Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition, Emeryville, March 5-7

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Finally, confirmation!  I'll be at the Alternative Press Expo, in San Francisco Oct. 17-18.  I'll have a full table, with prints, jewelry, and hopefully some new exciting things.  I'll say something more useful about it in Oct when I have a table number and details of the tasty merchandise I'll have along!
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I forgot to mention...but I went to Maker Faire and sold pictures and jewelry and had a lovely time!  Even without a cool new costume to wear.  Working on that, the new plan is to be smart and sew one when I'm NOT mad busy trying to prep merchandise for an event.

In the mean time prints will slowly return to the Etsy shop, its a bit cleaned out now from the event.  Next event probably won't be until October, so now I can relax a little!
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Wow...weird...apparently I've used that title before somewhere.  Firefox remembered it O_o

ANYWAY, I now seriously overblog.  And someone told me if I advertised them somewhere people might actually read them (a shocking and previously unconsidered concept ;-).

So check it out!

Sketch Blog - few words, manage pictures.  Mostly home of the weekly robot (currently behind least 1 robot maybe 2? Oops)

Craft Blog - Sculpture, jewelry, rambling, crochet, whatever.  More words.  Lots more.

Cephalopod Tea Party - Group blog devoted to tentacled sea creatures.

Oh and while I'm at it, some new prints are available in my ETSY SHOP.  Cheers
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